Rickie Traeger Blog: Christmas, Remembering Dad, Brothers Engagement

Hi everyone!   I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!

I know we did!  The main thing is spending quality time with those we love!

Daughters and I tracked Santa Clause on NORAD.  We love doing that every year now. It has become a tradition.  We put out oatmeal cookie and milk for Santa.  My daughter talked to Santa on the radio and he said for her to set out some Oatmeal cookies. (Tony N9ARB, played Santa on the radio, much appreciated)  and we sprinkled the glitter in the yard, that my daughter made at school. So Santa was able to find us easily!

We spent quality time with my family.  I want to send out a shout out to my brother and his new fiance, they just got engaged!  Congrats to Adam and Raeanne!

The cold, really cold weather has set in. It is time to hunker down and get alot of stuff done.  Some well needed maintenance on the websites, playing around a bit with my personal site and stuff and experimenting with designs. I am going to use my personal one to play with some designs and might implement them into the other sites.  Also will be adding more content. I can focus more attention now on the sites and content. Looking forward to that 🙂  Also I won’t say much, but there is going to be some new stuff and changes to Rockford Scanner 😉   I am not letting the cat out the bag on this yet 😛 lol

I really been missing my dad a bunch lately. I mean I miss him a lot as is, but a lot these last few days. I wish he was with us still.  I constantly question myself if there is a God, and why did he take my dad? And if there really is an afterlife? And a bunch of other things. People say time heals, but in reality it hasn’t.  People will spin this and say I am depressed, but I am not. I am happy with my life, but I miss my dad a lot!  I took my brother to the off track betting a few weeks back. It was in memory of my dad. Was nice to kick it there and be with my brother and do the stuff I used to do with my dad.  Was fun spending time with my brother and at the same time remembering my dad.








Rickie Traeger Blog: Ham Radio & Storm Spotter Recognition Day, ISS Passover, Sunset Photo

  December 2nd 2017 Blog 

Not a whole lot to add to today’s blog.

I was looking forward to watching the ISS pass overhead earlier tonight around 5 PM, well once again Mother Nature did not cooperate!  It was cloudy 🙁    So we did not get to see it.

Speaking of though, OMG the sunset was beautiful again tonight!  

I was able to work the Pearl Harbor memorial station on HF earlier today. I was looking forward to hearing and working them, and I was able too. Sounds like they were having some technical difficulties though.

Also I worked several NWS stations today for the Storm Spotter Recognition Day. That was super awesome as well!  I look forward to that every year.

My logging software for some reason has stopped uploading my logbook to my server. But as I was typing this, I had an idea and I was able to get it to work again!  Some reason it had stopped working and did not upload to my server. But I just had an idea and it is now back to normal again.  I was able to fix it.

Here is my HF Logbook ~CLICK HERE

My Ham Radio Page ~ CLICK HERE